qt5galPro-Max™ Hi-Performance 50:1 Ready to Use Ethanol-Free 2-cycle fuel

•    Professional Grade Fuel for outdoor power equipment
•    Detonation protection in extreme conditions
•    Suppresses high engine temps

VP Pro-Max pre-mixed fuel contains hi-performance 100% synthetic oil that meets or exceeds API TC, IS-L-EGD and JASO FD lubrication standards.

VP Pro-Max passes the warranty requirements of all manufacturers of air-cooled 2-cycle engines requiring 50:1 mix.

•    Significantly extends engine life
•    Supports engines in excess of 14,000 rpms & ambient cylinder head temps of 400F
•    Easy hot re-start, keeps engine temp lower than other fuels
•    Tested in extreme heat and various elevations and atmospheric conditions
•    Achieves more torque under extreme conditions than competitive fuels

VP Pro-Max is an ETHANOL-FREE fuel mixed with best-in-class synthetic oil at 50:1

Pro-Max is specifically designed for the unique demands of high-load, high rpm professional chainsaws operating in high temperature and other extreme conditions. Its 97 octane rating provides maximum detonation protection, especially when air cooling systems are restricted by wood chips, sawdust or sap-pitch, and during jobs requiring many starts and stops which can rapidly build heat within the engine.

Engineered and tested to significantly enhance the performance and durability of today’s “stratofied lean burn” professional two-cycle engines (chainsaws and cut-off saws).

Street gasoline contains ethanol which damages fuel systems and makes equipment difficult to start and/or perform poorly. Because Pro-Max and VP’s other Small Engine Fuels are ethanol-free, they prevent those problems, ensure easier starts and improve your productivity. In fact, these fuels are so reliable, Fire & Rescue units depend on them.

Purpose built – the best small engine fuels on the market.

The world leader in performance fuel technology, VP Racing Fuels formulated Pro-Max and its other Small Engine Fuels using only the best quality components to ensure you avoid the cost of rebuilds and downtime, saving you money, time and aggravation.